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The internal planning and development is facing with that of different companies to create customized components, according to the specific needs in as regards to space, ergonomics, materials, shapes and design.
The many versions of materials, models, finishes, supports and moving systems satisfy manifold needs.

The constant testing of components performed in the factory with special equipment, use of high quality materials, certifications by Catas testing labs and filing of patents of innovative products, are factors that witness Pessotto Reti’s attention to the quality of their manufacturing processes.

Solid and safe products, more and more appreciated for their versability, functionality and reliability. The necessary quality to guarantee the durability of the products and the mechanisms that the customers will use on their productions.

Customization of the product is a factor of primary importance for our customers, therefore Pessotto Reti is providing a service of laser cutting, by which it’s possible to “brand” technical and aesthetic details of the bed systems, inotre una vasta serie di “optional set” aumenta la possibilità di ulteriore personalizzazione.

Selected raw materials, highly automated and controlled internal processes, tested components, these are the main “ingredients” of a quality product made in Italy, born from a happy synthesis of passionate craftsmanship and modern technologies.